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How Creativity can Boost your Wellbeing

It is natural to pursue artistic expression in order to improve your mental and physical wellbeing.  Of course, you don’t have to become the next Edvard Munch or Van Gogh. Still, it is amazing how you can push your creative ingenuity through painting and creativity tools like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

Digital Creative Tools

Contrary to popular misconception, painting apps like Pixelmator, Adobe Illustrator and or Sumopaint are not just for creative professionals and digital marketers. In fact, you can use these tools to experiment with a wide range of visual designs and play around with your creative imagination. The good news is that there’s no shortage of alternatives when it comes to testing new digital tools designed for creative tasks.

In fact, you’d be surprised how a simple painting app, photo editor or pixel art app can improve your creativity and design skills over time. Think of Sumo Apps as an equivalent for the entire Adobe Creative Cloud suite that can provide you with an opportunity to learn creative skills and perform mental exercises. But unlike the Adobe tools, with the Sumo apps you don’t have to pay for the use if you choose not to, you can opt for our free painting and drawing app Sumopaint and photo editor Sumophoto. You can even make music with Sumotunes or easily record your own podcast with Sumoaudio. All this for free and without installing any applications on your computer.

Digital painting is a great way to start learning painting and drawing skills for free.

Why Painting and Creativity Matters

Your ability to retain thoughts and artistic expressions in visual cognitive patterns paints a narrative about your personality and the people who use creative design, image, and painting tools often mitigate the effects of trauma through these means. You don’t have to make any significant contributions to the world art heritage, but routine participation and creative exploration through various tools allows you to minimize or cut out negative emotions.

Painting and Creativity Tasks

You may not be aware of it, but writing, dancing, drawing, and painting all play a crucial role in improving mental and physical wellbeing. For some people, painting has become a secret tool for generating happiness and living a healthy, balanced and fulfilling life. Currently a growing number of people are diving into a growing supply of creativity enhancing activities such as painting and 3D modelling in order to manage their stress and cope with the rapidly evolving world order. 

Wellness Benefits of Painting and Creativity Efforts

When you use Sumopaint in Sumo Apps or another creative app like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Pixelmator, Canva, or Pixlr for creative projects, you can expect to reap various health benefits. Think of it as a therapeutic mental exercise that leads to emotional release from stress and fears.

Creativity exercises also allow you to deal with emotions like sadness and anger naturally. Similarly, painting can boost your self-esteem and help you process the emotions that have been weighing on your subconscious wellbeing. The more you paint or design creative visuals, the more dopamine your brain will be able to produce over time, hence creating greater feelings of happiness which are the source for motivation. Before you know it, you will be able to manage your anxiety, emotional trauma, and even depression with means naturally provided by your brain’s own hormones.

Sum Up

Human beings feel content when they paint, write, and indulge in other creative endeavors.  Even when you don’t aim to push the creative boundaries, you’d be surprised how routine use of Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator allows you to stay mentally healthy.


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