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How to enable auto-backup


Are you tired, when an unfortunate glitch happens or your computer crashes, and you'll lose your hard

made progress?

It would be nice if there was a feature, that saves your work automatically.. but there is!

This is a small tutorial on how to enable auto-backup (only in Sumopaint X)

  1. Open Sumopaint X
  2. You can proceed to close the templates window, or just choose randomly an template
  3. Located at the right-hand side, below your profile, click on the cogwheel
  4. Locate to backup section(if there is no info below, just click on the title) and enable auto-backup

Please note, auto-backup saves once every few minutes, as it says in the description, but this can still be life saving.

Next to auto-backup there is backup now, which you can use to immediately save your progress, if you would do

backup now, and close Sumopaint, you can just open the app, locate to backup section and press on restore.

saving auto-backup

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