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Online creative suite that works in your web browser and mobile device, without any plugins.

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SumoPaint 2.0

With SumoPaint 2.0 you can create beautiful drawings or edit your photos.

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SumoTunes (beta)

Easy-to-use online music studio to create songs or play with instruments.

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Sumo3D (beta)

Online 3D Editor to build 3D models and scenes. Script support coming soon.

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SongHi (community)

Music competitions and easy-to-use music studio online. Community features.

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SumoPaint 1.0

SumoPaint 1.0 is the older version of SumoPaint. Many unique features like symmetry and gravity tools. Community features. Requires Adobe Flash.

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Craziest painting app online. Draw over your photos to create beautiful art. Requires Adobe Flash.

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Meet our team. Join us by sending email to We are looking for developers, designers, moderators, bloggers and business people. We are based in Helsinki, Finland but looking for talents all around the world.


Lauri Koutaniemi

Founder & CEO

Worked with online and mobile apps for over 20 years. Founder & Co-founder of several companies and products with millions of users. Life goal to change education globally to be more fun and motivating for everyone.


Andrea Giannini

Partner & CTO

CTO of 3D Group. Artistic approach to technology. Lead developer for the Sumo apps.


Arturo Paracuellos

Creative Director

Partner and Creative Director for 3D Group. Responsible for the creative features and 3D apps/engines.


Heikki Lampinen

Partner & Advisor

Worked with SaaS apps for over 15 years. Experienced developer with creative mind. Built online apps with millions of users.


Meeri Koutaniemi

Partner & Advisor

Photographer and journalist for over 15 years. Her work stems from the question and definition of identity. Various awards globally.

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