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Sumo Edu is a platform for Teachers, a complete creative toolkit of 8 easy to use applications supported with suggested lesson plans.

The platform enables Teachers to teach students important life and academic skills that build self confidence and future competencies. With Sumo creative tools Teacher can help students discover their capabilities and unique talents in a fun, exciting and engaging way.

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Anyone can start using Sumo in the classroom right away

Sumo is a complete set of tools to support high-quality learning experiences to adopt in primary, secondary and tertiary schools.

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The platform enables anyone to create movies, compose songs, code games and develop 3D models. Use all the tools in one single platform. There are features built in to support also group projects and collaborative teamwork.

SumoEdu helps students learn creativity along with skills for the future and we are excited to provide lesson plans and support for teachers. To offer Teacher inspiration and ideas on how to use the applications in classroom we have created easy to apply lesson plans for each Sumo application.

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Sumo supports creative problem solving skills, prepares students for successful graduation and further studies. Sumo builds needed capabilities for modern professional life.

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Keeping kids kids and humans human

People aren’t robots. We’re humans, and each and every one of us has something great that no robot has: CREATIVITY. At Sumo, we believe everyone is creative and that if only we could all learn to unleash our creativity completely, more people would have meaningful and joyful lives, now and in their futures.

That’s why we built Sumo Edu, a community complete with teacher support and lesson plans that help you use Sumo’s creative tools to teach your kids important life and academic skills in a fun and exciting way that will keep them engaged. With Sumo they’ll be going above and beyond with their other academic benchmarks and learning outcomes too!

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A product teachers actually like using

Sumo Edu is great for teachers, and we are happy to support you and your students in learning creatively — and learning creativity, too! Sumo Edu is appropriate for all students starting from around age 5 and up, no matter what kind of school programs they attend: public schools, charter schools, private schools, state schools, Waldorf schools, schools of the arts, or STEM-focus schools. Homeschool students can do even better with Sumo Edu too!

Sumo Edu is modeled on the top-notch Finnish National Curriculum and aligned with the UK National Curriculum as well as Common Core, but is designed to enhance and improve these existing minimum curricula. It can be used by teachers in any state or in any country to easily support their existing curricula and keep students engaged during the changes caused by COVID-19.

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Built to be the best educational platform for Chromebooks

Sumo Edu works 100% online in the web browser. Nothing ever needs to be downloaded, and because of this, Sumo Edu is the best app for middle school students and high schoolers who use Chromebooks to do their projects - whether doing schoolwork in the classroom or at home, Sumo Edu works wonderfully and easily on the Chromebook, because we built it with care, especially considering that students - and teachers! - would never have to download anything!

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Are you looking for ideas on how to make your teaching more interesting?

Sumo Edu helps students learn creativity along with skills for the future and we are excited to provide lesson plans and support for teachers as well as partner with new teacher training programs so that you’re all able to use Sumo Edu to help your kids learn math skills like geometry with 3D modelling in Sumo3D and algebra and coding in Sumocode, or learn how to create and edit videos and photos for history projects using Sumopaint, Sumovideo, and Sumophoto.

Pupils can include their own musical compositions into their lessons with Sumotunes and record dictations for podcasting or audio segments, language coursework or theatrical readings with Sumoaudio, and combine their creations from different Sumo tools into one final project with pieces created in different mediums. This makes it great for mixed-media activities as well as collaborative teamwork and group projects that play to different students’ strengths individually. With Sumo Edu your students will be learning creativity alongside these skills and having fun learning as their teachers are still able to assess their knowledge and understanding of the subject area curricula.

Easy to learn, easier to teach

Even in regular times we understand it’s hard for teachers and parents to use new technologies that the kids understand faster. We all want to help prepare kids for their best future while making things easier for their teachers! Helping kids is the top priority so supporting the teachers is super important to us! It’s been really difficult with the changing situation of coronavirus to keep so many kids, teachers and families safe, and Sumo Edu is here to help do just that!

There are features built in to support group projects and collaborative teamwork in learning just as is required in modern workplaces, so students who use Sumo will be able to graduate prepared for further studies or working life if needed.

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Keeping kids engaged and tuned into their imaginations no matter what

Best of all, Sumo Edu helps keep kids engaged while distance learning or in hybrid models which may be necessary because of the pandemic. It’s so fun and feels like a game to students, while teaching them important skills they will need to stay ahead of the changing work needs and have the best future possible. So you will want to keep using it as a necessary part of your curriculum even as things eventually (hopefully soon!) go back to a more normal situation.

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The “new normal” will need to be way better than the old one

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Sumo Edu is modeled on the globally top-ranked education system in the world, from Finland. The Finnish education system was designed to help all kids meet their academic goals so they can succeed in their futures, and has been proven to help more kids have happy and joyful adult lives — proven by Finland’s topping the United Nations’ World Happiness Report for three years and counting.

Outside of Finland, parents have been wondering why coding isn’t taught in schools and have been wanting this to change for over a decade. Existing intervention approaches like Common Core’s Math Standards fail at making learning easier for administrators, teachers, and parents, and by extension it fails kids. With Sumo Edu, learning math while learning to code is easy and fun for kids, and teachers won’t need a lot of knowledge about a completely new topic to succeed in teaching coding with Sumocode and Sumo Edu.

The pedagogy and evidence-based design principles SumoEdu was built upon uphold best practices suggested by the most current research in K12 education.

SumoEdu incorporates best practices outlined by the IES — Institute of Education SciencesWhat Works Clearinghouse (WWC).

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Boosting 21 Century Skills

Your students deserve the best education they can get. But with the rise of technology, our schools leave more kids than ever behind. We still use old-fashioned school systems that were built to teach the bare minimum: reading, writing, and physical exercises. Skills that are necessary for students to grow up and work in factory jobs or on farms. Work that’s in the nearest future will be replaced by robots. That's why it is important to learn skills like creativity and critical thinking.

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Sumo is What Works

The pedagogy and evidence-based design principles Sumo Edu was built upon uphold best practices suggested by the most current research in K12 education. Sumo Edu incorporates most of the best practices outlined by the IES — Institute of Education Sciences’ — What Works Clearinghouse (WWC). We set out to ensure Sumo Edu is a product and platform that answers the questions, “what works in education?” and “what digital interventions are needed now?” This helps guarantee better student success and that students’ outcomes improve because they’ve learned and created within Sumo.


The best support to make teachers’ jobs easier

We’d love to help you and all the teachers in your school teach with Sumo Edu. It’s a set of tools to teach creativity that actually works. Sumo Edu is also great for Pandemic Pods and homeschoolers too, because it engages pupils so they have better self-directed learning habits and project-based learning skills. In schools, it makes the teacher’s job easier so you can help students be more creative and succeed. By nurturing their creativity with Sumo Edu they will do better at their exams, even with a global pandemic happening.

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"Creativity is as important now in education as literacy and we should treat it with the same status."


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