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Yes, you can use Sumo creative suite without downloading anything! Learn how to get started & read top questions regarding our online tools.


Are Sumo apps compatible with all browsers?

Yes, Sumo apps are meant to be used in any browser on any desktop or mobile device.

Can I use Sumo without creating an account?

Yes you can. After signing up, you will get many additional features for the apps and the community.

I don’t know how to use Sumopaint / How do I get started with Sumo?

Our video tutorials can be found here:

Why are the apps crashing?

You can try to clear your browsers cache. Here are Google Chrome instructions. If you still experience a crash or any other technical problem please let us know what happened at

Can I use Sumo on my phone or tablet?

Yes, you can.

Can I use Sumo without ads?

Sumo Pro subscribers will never see ads.

Will my work be saved?

You can export your work in standard file formats suitable for the app you created it in, or save the project as a .sumo file so you can open it later or unite creations between our different apps.


Is it free?

You can subscribe for free as a basic user, so you'll have access to all of our apps with limited features.

What's included in the Pro plan?

Upgrading to Pro gives you full access to all apps and their full features.

What are the payment methods?

We accept most major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, JCB, Discover, Diners Club. If you are issuing a purchase order, please contact us directly.


Can I enroll in my entire school in Sumo?

Of course you can! Contact us for educational licenses.

If my school subscribes to Sumo Edu, will students see ads?

Students will never see ads. We have a separate digital infrastructure for students and educators.

Can students use Sumo with their school login at home?

Yes, our educational licensing plans grant each student a unique access code that allows access to Sumo Edu from their own home computers or mobile devices.