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Protecting data privacy and security is a top priority for Sumo Apps.

At Sumo Apps, we take student privacy seriously. We understand the importance of safeguarding students' personal information, which is why we are fully committed to complying with the Student Online Personal Information Protection Act (SOPIPA).

What is SOPIPA?

The Student Online Personal Information Protection Act (SOPIPA) is a California state law designed to protect students' privacy and personal information when using online educational services. SOPIPA imposes restrictions on how student data can be collected, stored, and used by educational technology companies, like Sumo Apps.

SOPIPA includes the following key provisions:

  1. No Targeted Advertising: Educational technology providers are prohibited from using student data to target ads to students.

  2. Data Security Measures: SOPIPA mandates that student data is securely stored and protected from data breaches.

  3. Parental Consent: Providers must obtain parental consent before collecting or sharing any student data.

  4. Data Deletion: Providers must delete student data when it's no longer needed for educational purposes.

SOPIPA Compliance at Sumo Apps

At Sumo Apps, we are committed to adhering to SOPIPA's requirements to ensure that our educational services provide a safe and secure online environment for students. Here's how we achieve SOPIPA compliance:

Data Security

We implement stringent data security measures to protect student data from unauthorized access and breaches. Our infrastructure is designed to meet the highest standards of data security to ensure the safety of all personal information.

No Advertising to Students

We strictly adhere to SOPIPA's prohibition on using student data for targeted advertising. Student data is used solely for educational purposes, and we do not engage in any form of targeted advertising to students.

Parental Consent

Before collecting any student data, we obtain clear and informed parental consent. We ensure that parents have control over the information collected and have the right to review and correct any data associated with their child.

Data Deletion

We follow SOPIPA's requirements for the timely deletion of student data when it is no longer needed for educational purposes. Student data is retained only as long as necessary to support the educational goals of the platform.

Compliance Monitoring

We continuously monitor and update our practices to ensure that we remain in full compliance with SOPIPA and any other relevant student data protection laws. We take privacy seriously and are committed to upholding the trust placed in us by students, parents, and educational institutions.


Sumo Apps's commitment to SOPIPA compliance is unwavering. We prioritize student privacy and data protection in every aspect of our services. By adhering to SOPIPA's provisions, we aim to provide students, parents, and educational institutions with the peace of mind that their personal information is handled with the utmost care and respect.

For more information on Sumo Apps's data privacy practices and SOPIPA compliance, please feel free to contact us.